About Us

About Us

  • Restaurant Associates: A Culture of Care

    Innovators in culinary, hospitality, and well-being for over 60 years with a rich history of restaurant and hospitality heritage.

  • Sustainability

    At RA, we see food as an agent to make a difference in the lives of our guests, the health of our planet and the well-being of our communities. We have a long-standing commitment to responsible sourcing, fair food and outreach.

  • Wellness

    Restaurant Associates guests want to eat better and feel better. At RA, our job is to make it easy for them. We created the RADISH program with the goal of enhancing the health and wellness of our guests through increased variety and visibility of better-for-you options.

  • Our Hospitality Vision

    CARE is RA's hospitality vision. When we CARE, we Connect, Anticipate, Respect and Exceed. We believe in consistently delivering an unparalleled culinary and hospitality experience for each other, our guests and our community.

  • Awards & Recognition

    RA is proud to be the recipient of many awards and accolades. Take a moment to view some of our achievements.

  • Senior Management

    Our commitment to offering the best food and hospitality excellence begins from the top down. Learn more about the diverse and experienced Restaurant Associates & CxRA senior leadership.

  • Contact Us

    Have a question? Please email us at info@restaurantassociates.com or you may call our main office at (212) 613-5500.

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