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Restaurant Associates: A Culture Of Care
Restaurant Associates: A Culture Of Care

Restaurant Associates:
A Culture Of Care

Innovators in culinary, hospitality, and well-being for 75 years.

CARE is R/A’s hospitality excellence vision. When we CARE for all, we Connect, Anticipate, Respect and Exceed expectations of our team members and communities. It is all about consistently delivering a memorable and inclusive experience for each other and for our guests while creating an environment of belonging.


Courtney Willis

VP, DEIB & Culture

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Learn about our specific DEIB programming and events by clicking the images.

Hospitality Heroes

At Restaurant Associates, our mission statement is: Delivering Hospitality Excellence to Premier Clients. We value, respect and care for our associates as much as we do for our guests. Our employee recognition program, Hospitality Heroes, honors outstanding performers who display our core values on a daily basis.